Invitation from Chris

This is outside the normal range of messages you get from Nether Edge Bikebus but I hope you won’t mind as it’s a local free event in Nether Edge and I’d love to see some of you come along.

On Monday 8th May I’ll be taking part in two short performances at Cafe #9 in Nether Edge, click on the images for details:

remember them

BreakaLeg bfacebook cover 1.0

A set of more cheerful music by myself and Karen Hisom

7:30pm, but come early if you want a good seat.


Bikebus is back for the Autumn Season

Ride with us this Saturday on Bikebus Route 1, the unscary but direct way to town on quiet roads.


If Mash Direct used Bikebus you would have your spuds safely on your plate in half an hour! And none of those nasty diesel particulates to poison your lungs.

Cafe stop at the excellent Harland Cafe.

Starts 10am from Nether Edge crossroads. If you are coming please tell the bus driver via our magic message box

Head South West this week with the Bikebus

Lands End

We will not be going as far as Cornwall but there’s plenty to interest us on Route 4 in the area southwest of Nether Edge. We’ll explore the furthest reaches of the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route, take in lots of interesting local shops as well as the big supermarkets and have our cafe stop at the excellent Cafe des Amis in Meersbrook.

As usual, send a message to the bus driver if you are coming and came a few minutes early if it’s your first ride with the Bikebus.

10am Saturday at Nether Edge crossroads and back by noon.

No Bikebus Today, Heavy Rain


As it has started raining heavily and the forecast is thunderstorm and a lot of rain this morning we will not be riding today. Sorry if you were looking forward to it but nobody has actually signed up today so I guess you are all aware of the weather forecast.

Normal service next week I hope.