Head South West this week with the Bikebus

Lands End

We will not be going as far as Cornwall but there’s plenty to interest us on Route 4 in the area southwest of Nether Edge. We’ll explore the furthest reaches of the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route, take in lots of interesting local shops as well as the big supermarkets and have our cafe stop at the excellent Cafe des Amis in Meersbrook.

As usual, send a message to the bus driver if you are coming and came a few minutes early if it’s your first ride with the Bikebus.

10am Saturday at Nether Edge crossroads and back by noon.

No Bikebus Today, Heavy Rain


As it has started raining heavily and the forecast is thunderstorm and a lot of rain this morning we will not be riding today. Sorry if you were looking forward to it but nobody has actually signed up today so I guess you are all aware of the weather forecast.

Normal service next week I hope.

Up West with the Bikebus this week?


The diverse charms of Sheffield’s West End all yours in return for a little effort on the pedals. We’ll scoot up to University of Sheffield, whizz across to Devonshire Green, swoop down to Eccy Road and Hunter’s Bar and finally wind ourselves up and over the Bikebus secret easy climb back home.

Cafe stop (probably) will be Sebastian’s in Sharrow Vale Rd. Rain forecast so come prepared.

Please let the driver know via the message box if you are coming and include a mobile phone number so he can text if the rain is looking bad.

Space for Cycling Big Sheffield Ride this Saturday – this one is important!

It’s the biggest national political campaign for cycling ever. On Saturday there will be mass rides in London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield to tell politicians that they must take cycling seriously for everybody’s health and our children’s freedom to travel around their home towns.


If enough voters turn out it will have a big impact on politicians’ willingness to make cycling safe and attractive for everybody. All the health experts say it’s a vital change if we are to avoid damaging the health prospects of all of us but especially our children.

So please come along, join the Bikebus “feeder” ride in Nether Edge at 10am, or be at Barkers Pool before 11am.

If you can’t make it on your bike maybe you can come along to Barkers Pool to cheer us off at 11am and pick up a leaflet about how to influence our local politicians in the coming local elections.

And please tell your friends. It looks like the Sheffield ride will be the biggest outside London, but only with everybody’s help.

More information here about the Space for Cycling Campaign in Sheffield