All Change at Bikebus

It’s time for the Bikebus to have a rethink so I’m changing from a scheduled service to an “on demand” one.

Waiting For The Bus In The Rain by Ana-The-Unknown

The bus has been running for quite a while now, I’ve really enjoyed it and a good number of people have taken part, but it hasn’t reached the kind of ‘critical mass’ needed to keep it interesting and justify a regular weekly ride. It might do that if I were more assiduous in promoting our rides but at the moment I’m putting most of my creative energy into my musical adventures.

But it would be very sad to walk away and I’m proud of the way the Bikebus routes introduce people to new cycling opportunities so I’m changing the focus.

From now on, anybody can contact me via our magic message box, and I’ll be very pleased to set up a bikebus ride for them. And of course if we are doing that I’ll post the details here so anybody else who is interested can come along. So if you or a friend would like the opportunity to learn safe cycling routes around the city, or would like help to work out a safe easy route for their particular journey to work, the shops, their friend’s house or whatever, just let me know via the magic message box (not the comment box below, that’s public) and we can agree a day and time.

And of course it’s all free, I’m doing it for my own pleasure and to help the growth of healthy enjoyable travel in our city.

Southwest Sheffield this week

Sorry about the late notice but we’ll be operating as usual this Saturday, 10am Nether Edge crossroads. Rain is forecast but if it’s looking a bit too wet for fun we’ll do a short ride to the cafe stop at Cafe des Amis. If it’s teeming down we’ll go to Cafe #9 as it’s only 50m.

If you are coming please let the driver know on the magic message box

This week we’ll be up West

Put on your glad rags for a trip round the smarter quarters of Sheffield

stewart rod6052019

Up to University of Sheffield, across to Devonshire Green, then down to Ecclesall Rd and Sharrow Vale. Finishing off with the Bikebus easy-ish back street climb up to Psalter Lane and back along Cherry Tree Rd.

Cafe Stop at Sebastian’s cake place in Sharrow Vale. Hope we’ll see you there?

Start 10am Nether Edge Crossroads and please let the Driver know by the magic message box if you are coming

No Bikebus this weekend after all

The Bikebus ride planned to join the Ride for Eric tomorrow won’t happen due to personal circumstances. Very sorry about that, of course you can join the Ride for Eric at 11am at Abbeydale Sports club but if you have not registered at the Ride for Eric Site get there good and early for the registration process.

Normal service next week

Bikebus Special on Sunday 21 September

We’ll be riding from Nether Edge to Abbeydale Sports Club to join the Ride For Eric


Eric Codling

Last November Eric Codling was riding his bicycle on Whirlowdale Rd at breakfast time on a Sunday when he was killed by a reckless driver travelling at 70mph on a quiet suburban road. The driver is now in prison but Eric’s family is still grieving for their husband and father.

The Ride for Eric has been organised by his family and friends, together with CycleSheffield and other organisations, so we can all remember Eric, raise some money for Cavendish Cancer Care (which Eric supported), and make a call for safe space for cycling in Sheffield and beyond.

There are three rides that you can sign up for including the 6 km family ride at 11am. To encourage people to take part the Bikebus will run a special service from Nether Edge, leaving at 10am. Most of our route out to Abbeydale Sports Club will use safe roads and paths, there is a section along the main road but we’ll be in a group to ensure we are visible and everybody feels safe.

The family ride will be a mass ride, with marshals provided by Cycle Sheffield to ensure safety and deal with any traffic issues. It will pass the site of Eric’s death, where a “ghost bike” memorial will be in place. Although there is a serious message in all this we aim for it to be a fund ride for cyclists of all abilities and all ages.

If you are coming, please sign up for the ride at the Ride For Eric website. It costs £10, most of which will go to Cavendish Cancer Care (some costs for running the event but several organisations have donated money or practical help to reduce the cost). You will be asked to register with British Cycling to make your payment.

As usual we will leave at 10am from Nether Edge Crossroads. Please let the bus driver know if you are coming with our magic contact form

Invitation from Chris

This is outside the normal range of messages you get from Nether Edge Bikebus but I hope you won’t mind as it’s a local free event in Nether Edge and I’d love to see some of you come along.

On Monday 8th May I’ll be taking part in two short performances at Cafe #9 in Nether Edge, click on the images for details:

remember them

BreakaLeg bfacebook cover 1.0

A set of more cheerful music by myself and Karen Hisom

7:30pm, but come early if you want a good seat.


Bikebus is back for the Autumn Season

Ride with us this Saturday on Bikebus Route 1, the unscary but direct way to town on quiet roads.


If Mash Direct used Bikebus you would have your spuds safely on your plate in half an hour! And none of those nasty diesel particulates to poison your lungs.

Cafe stop at the excellent Harland Cafe.

Starts 10am from Nether Edge crossroads. If you are coming please tell the bus driver via our magic message box