Going to Town on Saturday?

Who will come on the first Bikebus ride of 2014? 

We are starting the new season with Route 1 (naturally). It’s a direct and stress-free ride into the city centre, passing Sheffield Hallam University, the Millenium Galleries and the winter Gardens and ending outside the City Hall and Cole Brothers (Bikebus tries to ignore rebranding).

On the way back we’ll take in the new Markets on the Moor and have a break for cake at the Harland Cafe (if they are in we’ll have a look at what lovely bikes are being built at “Cycles in Motion” just behind the cafe)

I’m expecting some new riders so I hope some of our loyal veterans will come along to support them.

Route details here

Well that was Fun

As the Bikebus is taking a break until April it’s a good time to look back on our first year.

john mayall looking back

Thanks to everybody who turned up for the rides, it was really good fun and I feel really lucky to have spent the time with such interesting and friendly people. Some days we only had one person come along but the bus will run as long as somebody wants it.

Having started with quite a vague idea where the project might go, quite a few things crystallised during the year. Continue reading